3PL for Spares

3 PL for Spares

We have been providing Third Party Logistic Services (3 PL) to many Global Brands in India. Following are our 3 PL Service offerings …

* Warehousing
* Parts planning
* Parts fulfillment
* Inventory control
* Parts delivery
* Special delivery (24X7)
* Procurement
* Imports
* Re-exports
* Forward & Reverse logistics
* Parts validation
* Re-engineering

Services are modular and can be built specific to vendor’s business requirement. Proper parts planning and stocking enables us to achieve good inventory turns and lower EOL (End of Life) residual inventory.

Over a period of time, we have created wide network of courier companies, for reaching parts to 1000+ cities in India. Firm SLA based agreements with courier companies has resulted in reducing transit damages and meet committed parts delivery TAT.

We provide value added services like, technical validation (NTF testing), environmental friendly destruction through certified agencies, special packing, etc.