High Level (L3/L4) Repairs and Refurbishment

High Level Repair Centre (L3 / L4)

We have three High Level Repair Centres strategically positioned at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. At these centres, we carry out component level repairs for smart phones, mobile and fixed wirless devices.

These centres are ESD protected (including storage area) and equipped with state of the art repair and testing infrastructure like BGA Rework Stations, RF Testers (GSM & CDMA), temperature controlled Soldering and Desoldering Stations, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Supplies and tools.

Through excellent floor management, repair flow processes and continuous training, we could achieve high quality repairs and better productivity. Our repair bounce rates and scrap percentages are meeting best of industry norms.

We provide forward and reverse logistics support to collect defectives and return repaired units to vendor's service centres and warehouses, across the country through our logistics network and facilities.


Warranty loaner and swap stocks are refurbished, so that the same can be used for warranty support at  service centres. Refurbishment activity includes addressing cosmetic rework, full functional testing, restoring factory default settings through flashing, etc.