What is RIM?


RIM is an acronym for Remote Infrastructure Management. It is a technology where engineers securely accesses customers IT infrastructure and deliver application related services from remote location.


What is NOC?


NOC is an acronym for Network Operations Center. It is a customer support center located at the service provider’s premises, from where engineers monitor, diagnose and resolve problems.


Why would I require RIM services?


IT infrastructure is the backbone to business processes. A disruption can be expensive in terms of time loss and opportunity costs. RIM services significantly reduce the time required to resolve problems, since RIM tool proactively keeps monitoring health of IT infrastructure rectifies problems, without customer being aware of it. Uptime is increased without disturbing customers work.

Being a central facility the quality of engineers and knowledge base are maintained at high levels. It is practically not possible and viable to maintain such standards in the field at multiple locations and customer sites.


How about security of customer data?


Redington’s RIM support meets the privacy and security regulation for storage and transmission of data through state of the art security measures, including MD5 hashing of data. Moreover, it does not allow transfer of the stored files, directories and document contents. Events and logs are stored in the event manager of Windows OS (WMI & DMI).


What if the problem pertains to hardware failure?


If you are covered under our comprehensive support services, our on-site engineer will visit and fix the problem.


Will the RIM service work if my PC is not connected to internet?


Internet connectivity is mandatory requirement for effective RIM support.


Does my PC / Laptop / Server always connected to NOC, utilizing internet bandwidth?


No. Frequently occurred problems are resolved locally by the agent residing in PC / Laptop / Server, without loading internet bandwidth all the time. Bandwidth usage is limited to patch updates and problems needing remote engineer’s support.


Does Redington RIM support all makes and models of computers?


Yes. All it needs is only Windows OS installed and internet connected.


I am interested in Redington’s RIM Support. What should I do next?


Please email us @ msenquiry@redington.co.in or call toll free no. 1800-102-0101.